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CHALLENGE WINNERS! will receive a $20 gift certificate to The Dilly Duck & a custom SwaxLax ball.

CONGRATULATIONS to Clarisse Braun & Diana Lerman.


Middle School:

Elementary School:

Wall Ball Work:

Ryan Werner (Trinity '23, Weston '19 - First Team All-State) walks us through a wall ball routine to practice releasing the ball at different levels.


Five Little Chicks Stick Trick Challenge

Level 1 - Pop the ball and catch on the back side of pocket. Then flip back.

Level 2 - Flip the ball under one leg (and catch), then the other leg. Try using your right then, then your left.

Level 3 - RAINBOW 


Challenge video submitted by Alex Wilson (3rd), Lily  Wilson (7th) and Coach Madison Wilson (WHS '19)


For more of a breakdown on the RAINBOW skill, check out Taylor Cumming's video:



WINNER gets a $20 gift certificate to local restaurant AND a custom Weston Lax SwaxLax ball.

Looking for: who is trying their hardest, having fun, skills & style.

1 winner for K-5, 1 winner for 5-8


How to submit:

On Instagram: message or tag @westonlacrossectclub 

Email: jen.mecca@westonlax.com

Challenge closes this Sunday (3/29) at 8 pm. Winner will be announced Monday morning.