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In order to keep as many players as possible with their grade classmates, without compromising safety by encouraging too wide age spreads, the CONNY Board of Directors has moved the oldest birthday permitted for each year group from the September 1st to the July 1st preceding the season (except 14U Seniors for which the birthday eligibility date remains the March 1st preceding the season to accommodate very old-in-grade 8thgraders who would not otherwise have a place to play in the spring). Thus, the 2021 player segmentation birthday cutoff dates will be:

CONNY Age Division US Lax Age Designation Born On Or After:
Senior 14U 01-Mar-06
Senior 13U 01-Jul-07
Junior 12U 01-Jul-08
Junior 11U 01-Jul-09
Lightning 10U 01-Jul-10
Lightning 9U 01-Jul-11
Bantam 8U – 6U 01-Jul-12

All teams are organized by birth year, with single birth year teams strongly preferred. Where numbers or other circumstances don’t allow that, two birth year combined teams are permitted within a CONNY Age Division (e.g. Junior, Senior).