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2013 Fiscal Year Donors to the Endowment Fund:


John and Sara Zimmermann

Paul and Susan Scheufele

Friend of Weston Lacrosse Club - Paul Scheufele Endowment Fund

Andrew and Mary Pat Maretz

Jed Ferdinand

Karen and Bob Mitchell

Louis J. Briskman

Frederick Brasco

James A. McMahon

Matthew M. McMahon

Kip McMahon

Karen and Brian McMahon

Christine Slump

Mark and Monica McCall

John P. and Bridget Holmes

Patrick M. and Karen S. Limone

Tim S. Ledwick and Sibyl M. Meyer

Bill and Tamer Greeley

Marc S. Possick and Tanya S. Futoryan

Mr. and Mrs. James Smith

Lance Scott

Stephen J. and Gail Flynn

Jara and Russell Negrin

Geoffrey S. and Melissa B. Bradshaw-Mack
Renee and Mike Flooks