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 The vision and generosity of the Weston Lacrosse community is the foundation of our outstanding lacrosse program.  In 2007, the lacrosse community created of the Weston Lacrosse Club - Paul Scheufele Endowment Fund to generate permanent funding for lacrosse in Weston.   We would like to thank all those people who made generous tax deductible contributions.  We hope that our contributors will continue to support the endowment fund in their annual charitable giving effort.  If you have any questions regarding the Endowment, please contact Jack Zimmermann at  jz3@yahoo.com.

2010 Contributors for the period ending December 31 , 2010
+ Multi-year donors

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Briskman +
Mr. and Mrs. David Christopher +
Mr. and Mrs. Bret Herman +
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hutchins +
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Limone +
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCall +
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McMahon +
James A. McMahon +
Kip McMahon +
Matthew M. McMahon +
Mr. and Mrs. James Petty +
Mark Possick and Tanya Futoryan +
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith +
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scheufele +
Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmermann +