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The vision and generosity of the Weston Lacrosse community is the foundation of our outstanding lacrosse program.  In 2007, the lacrosse community created of the Weston Lacrosse Club - Paul Scheufele Endowment Fund to generate permanent funding for lacrosse in Weston.  In 2008, we were fortunate to have 101 contributors to the Endowment.   We would like to thank all those people who made generous tax deductible contributions for the campaign year 2007-2008.  We hope that our contributors will continue to support the endowment fund in their annual charitable giving effort.  And we hope that new families will contribute to the endowment for the 2008-2009 campaign year.

If you have any questions regarding the Endowment, please contact Jack Zimmermann at jz3@yahoo.com.

 2008 Contributors for the period ending June 30 , 2008
*denotes contributors who also contributed in 2007

Jeff J. Baisley and Julie L. Sherman
Stephen M. and Julie Bliss
Marc and Lorin Blitzer*
Margaret and John Block*
Geoffrey S. and Melissa B. Bradshaw-Mack*
Robert J. and Jane S. Braverman*
Louis J. Briskman*
Mallory Brooks and Kristin H. Brooks*
Kenneth M. and Megan Brooks Jr.
Kurt W. Brower and Hege Dammen
Scott J. Buddenhagen
Anthony Buffa and Nancy Haar
Arthur R. and Leslie M. Hahn*
John F. and Deborah A. Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Cass Jr.
Joseph and Susan Catalano*
David H. Christopher and Alice M. Dibble*
J. Eric and Julie Bertola Cook
Robert J. Cordisco*
John C. Corr
Robert D. Crowell*
John and Joan M. Curran
Joseph Decanio
Thomas J. and Lori E. Di Bartolomeo
Ms. Andrea Dipasquale
Neil L. and Jeanette Druks*
Dawn and John J. Egan IV*
Mr. Jeffrey C. Eglash and Ms. Karen C. Sitney
James C. and Martha J. Fagan
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Faller*
Peter T. and Laurie A. Figliola
John M. Fine and Linda K. Bockenstedt*
David and Luigina Fleming*
Michael R. and Renea Flooks*
Stephen J. and Gail Flynn
Robert A. and Shelley Forrester*
Foomz LLC
Robert and Sharon Furbee*
Todd C.and Kimberly Anne Guthrie
David and Jill Halper*
John P. and Bridget Holmes*
Saul and Elissa I. Hyatt
Kieran M. and Jane P. Kennedy*
John and Nadine Kerns
Lawrence and Susan Kirschenbaum*
Frederick and Janet Koch
Bruce and Paula Koffsky
Cliff and Alyssa Kraft*
Christopher J. and April J. Laico*
Mr. Mark Lanier
Tim S. Ledwick and Sibyl M. Meyer*
John and Jean Lepore
Patrick M. and Karen S. Limone
Gerard A. and Melaine S. Luminoso
M. and L. Magnoli
Mr. and Mrs. Clement Malin*
Andrew and Mary Pat Maretz*
John and Maria Matluck
Gino and Linda Mattera*
Harold and Laura Matthews
Mark and Monica McCall*
Brian T. and Karen R. McMahon*
James A. McMahon
Kip McMahon
Matthew M. McMahon
Christopher E. and Joan Miller*
Robert and Karen Mitchell*
Andy and Liz Montelli*
Curtis K. and Diane Lynch Morikawa
Andrew and Robin Nestler
Todd M. Parker and Laura M. Caron-Parker
Carole and Ronald G. Percival
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Petty
John W. and Allison C. Peyton
Mark M. Pomerantz
Marc H. Possick and Tanya S. Futoryan*
Thomas L. and Allison W. Robbins*
Brian and Joyce Rogers*
Gerald and Elaine Rosenberg
Steven L. and Susan Scher*
Paul G. and Susan E. Scheufele*
Darren R. Scheufele
Carol T. Scheufele*
Jay and Lisa Singer
Eleanor P. and James L. Smith*
Craig B. and Donna Steinberg
Craig A. and Wanda A. Steinke*
Jean-Paul St Germain and Sheila Gates
Christopher F. and Brenda J. Swanson*
Robb and M. Karin Thomson
Dana C. and Anne T. Troxell Jr.
Turkel Family Charitable Foundation
Julie Vichot
James B. and Roslyn A. Vore
Anna and Michael Vranos
Schuyler F. Warner and Marianne S. Barber
Craig and Linda Werner
Jeffrey Wollman and Nancy Grossman*
Gordie Zimmermann
John and Sarah Zimmermann*
Jon R. and Lauren Zirn*